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the beginning

Kathrin Puff

Kathrin (from Germany) has been a wine maker for 15 years working in Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and more recently in Thailand. She has always been a keen horse rider and runner. When she moved to Thailand 10 years ago she was convinced to participate in a local triathlon race. Since then she has been on fire and started her serious training regime, competing in long and short distance triathlons all over the world. Kathrin soon realised the importance of the right levels of nutrition to support endurance sports. In a desperate search for something palatable, tasty and easy on the stomach, she started trialling with her own home-mixed concoctions from wine grapes. Grapes have a low glycemic index and are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Pleased with her results, Kathrin started thinking about making wine grape energy gels to become available to all.

Archie (from Scotland) has worked in the beverage alcohol industry for more than 30 years, starting off as a Scottish whisky bender. In his younger years he was an avid runner clocking marathons in 3 hours. In the name of whisky Archie traveled and has subsequently worked all over the world, ending up in Thailand a number of years ago where he was soon to meet Kathrin. Kathrin shared her story and ideas for wine grape-based energy gels for sports nutrition and Archie was immediately enthusiastic! Both started to explore options and had conversations with wineries in the South East of Australia.

Their friends at the Australian winery worked together with Archie and Kathrin to find the right wine grapes for the gels, and hence a long blending and trialling process commenced. Plots were selected that provided grapes to the desired profile. The right harvest time is crucial to the sugar levels, flavour and mineral content.

Shortly afterwards, Ian joined the team. Ian is English and a resident of Singapore. Ian and Archie are former colleagues and have worked together for many years. Ian was inspired by the idea and quickly helped the team progress. Ian loves to travel, spending much of his time in Thailand and Australia. His attention to detail and experience with customer and supplier relationships has helped ensure that Vindurance is available to all outdoor lovers, sports enthusiasts and recreational athletes.