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Frequently Asked Questions

Vindurance Kick Gels are a new and revolutionary approach to sports nutrition. Have a question? Check out our FAQs (or use our contact form to ask your own questions) and learn more about how grapes can power your race plan.

  • Nutritional Questions

    Why are Vindurance Kick Gels different from other sports gels on the market?

    Vindurance Kick Gels are made from real Australian wine grape juice. Grapes contain natural antioxidants and amino acids, which a good for athletes participating in lengthy or strenuous sports and recreational activities.
    Our sports gels are the brainchild of premium winemaker and high performance triathlete and marathon runner Kathrin Puff. Kathrin used her technical expertise in winemaking to create her own grape-based sport juices and condensed gels to improve her race performance.
    Also our sports gels taste natural, like real fruit. We don’t use artificial flavours to make them taste like chocolate, toasted marshmallow or salted caramel.

    What type of carbohydrates are used in Vindurance Kick Gels?

    Grape juice naturally contains fructose and glucose, so the main sugars come from these natural sources. We’ve also added maltodextrin as well as some extra fructose for nutritional balance.

    To be broken down and able to release energy into your body, each sugar has a different path of metabolism. This is why you have a longer sustained energy if you use three different sugars. If you focused on only one (like glucose which is absorbed immediately) your body will overload and the sugar won’t be completely absorbed.

    Another way to explain it is to think of a highway with many, many cars. If you have only one lane you’ll end up with a traffic jam, but with multiple lanes the traffic flows freely and overload can be avoided.

    What is ingredient list and nutritional information for each Vindurance Kick Gel flavour?

    Ingredients : Grape Juice Concentrate 54% (Grape Juice, Oak Extract Murray River Pink Salt), Water, Maltodextrin, Fructose, Rice Malt Syrup (Organic Brown Rice), Strawberry Puree, Pomegranate Juice, Lemon Juice, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Mineral Salt (508), Natural Flavour, Preservatives (202, 211), Sweeteners(960, 957).

    Vindurance Kick Gel cabernet sauvignon nutritional information

    Nutritional Info: Vindurance Kick Gel Red

    Ingredients : Grape Juice Concentrate 55% (Grape Juice, Oak Extract Murray River Pink salt), Water, Maltodextrin, Fructose, Rice Malt Syrup (Organic Brown Rice), Apple Puree, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Mineral Salt (508), Natural Flavour, Preservatives (202, 211), Antioxidant (224), Sweeteners (960, 957).

    Why do your gels contain less than 100K calories?

    Our energy gels and sports foods strike a healthy balance between providing concentrated sugars at rate that the body can safely absorb and digest. We use a balance of simple and complex sugars.

    Why are Vindurance Kick Gels more expensive than other sports gels?

    We have sourced only the finest quality ingredients to make our gels as natural and nutritious as possible. We are also committed to ensuring all our ingredients are grown and produced in Australia. Of course this does increase our production costs, but we are confident once you try our gels and immediately notice the difference in taste and performance, you will agree that the quality is worth the little extra.

  • Food Safety Questions

    Do Vindurance Kick Gels gels contain alcohol?
    No! Our gels are made from natural, unfermented wine grape juice.

    Do the sports gels contain caffeine?

    Do your sports gels contain Gluten?
    No! Our Vindurance Kick Gels have been tested and certified Gluten Free.

    Are Vindurance Kick Gels ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency) safe?
    All Vindurance product labels accurately describe the ingredients used to make the gels. Vindurance Kick Gels are not supplements, they are made from natural foods and none of our ingredients are listed on the

    All our products are manufactured in Australia using reputable suppliers and quality assurance methods.

    Where are Vindurance Kick Gels made?
    Vindurance Kick Gels are made in Australia. Our grape juice is sourced from high quality vineyards in South Australia, and the products are manufactured and packaged in Brisbane.

    Do your sports gels contain any animal derived nutrients?
    No! We only use fruit and non-animal based ingredients in our products and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    Are your Vindurance gels Kosher?
    We have not yet registered our products for Kosher certification.

    What is the shelf-life of Vindurance Kick Gels?
    Our products have a 12 month shelf life to ensure you enjoy it at its best, however we are continuing to test and evaluate the products performance over time and hope to extend this in future.

  • Race Questions

    How many Vindurance Kick Gels should I consume, and when?
    Easy to digest, fast absorbing, with a fantastic natural taste, take one Vindurance Kick Gel pack every 30-45 minutes of racing or heavy exercise.

    Do I need to drink water with the Vindurance Kick Gels?
    We recommend you always drink water with your energy gels, this helps to dilute the concentration and absorption of the energy.

    We also recommend you consume electrolytical drinks offered at race aid stations to replenish your mineral levels. Sweating during extended exercising and racing depletes our blood’s sodium and potassium levels.

    How much does the pack weigh and what are the dimensions?
    The sports gel packs are compact, easy to carry and open while racing or training. Each pack weighs just 34 grams and 15cm x 5½cm x ½cm.

  • Customer Service Questions
    Where can I buy Vindurance Sports Foods?Buy Vindurance Kick Gels right here online. Click here to visit our online store today.My package hasn’t arrived what do I need to do?

    We ship with Australia Post and each delivery is tracked.The tracking status ‘in transit’ means that your order has left our warehouse is already on its way to you.If your item hasn’t been delivered as expected and you’re concerned it’s missing or lost, you can check Australia Post delivery times to see when it should be received.

    We’ve never lost a package yet so please make sure you check your front door area, pot plants, fences and yard (even with the neighbours) if you can’t locate your package. If you’re still concerned contact us so we can lodge a missing or late item enquiry form with Australia Post.

    How do I email you with feedback and / or questions I may have?

    Click here to contact customer service. We treat our customers with courtesy and respect, please treat our customer service team the same way.