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Be prepared for race day

by Ian

How to deal with pre-race nervousness Have you ever been standing at a start line of a race and thinking “this was not a good idea” or “I’d rather be in bed now”? Have you been standing there nervous with thousands of butterflies in the stomach? Are you the one marching every 10 minutes back [...]

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Race nutrition plan 10 k, 21 k and 42 k

by Ian

If you are a first time competitor or a seasoned athlete, having a bullet proof plan for you special day is a must. All the effort and time spent during race preparation would go to waste if you ran out of energy because you had not planned your race nutrition through. Hitting the wall is [...]

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Q is for Queensland and Q is for Quality of Life

by Ian

Sunny side up! For many Australians Queensland is a place to enjoy life, but being from Scotland and living in Asia for many years, my recent holiday there, in what they call winter of July really made me appreciate the treasure that Queensland is for the Australian people. Take a ride along the beach [...]

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Why use wine grapes for sport nutrition?

by Ian

Wine grapes have been around since the early days, some 7000 years to be precise. They were somehow always present in the life of mankind, be it as a delicious snack or part of a luscious meal or in the form of fermented grape juice. People liked their fermented grape juice so much that they [...]