Q is for Queensland and Q is for Quality of Life

Q is for Queensland and Q is for Quality of Life
02 August 2017

by Ian

Sunny side up!

For many Australians Queensland is a place to enjoy life, but being from Scotland and living in Asia for many years, my recent holiday there, in what they call winter of July really made me appreciate the treasure that Queensland is for the Australian people.

Australian Beaches

Take a ride along the beach


Along the coast

The landscape is varied, with many beautiful beaches, water front and nature.
There is truly something for everyone, be it the busy vibrant beach of Surfers Paradise.
Or the more tranquil beaches of the Sunshine coast.

Kayaking in Queensland

One of my favourite places on the trip was Noosa, having great beaches, a Beautiful Nature reserve and amazing houses on the river, where I could see myself enjoying boating with the family there regularly. If only I could afford to!
It’s no wonder the Australians enjoy such a great outdoor life, everywhere is geared for it, even the Public parks have free access barbeques.
Two weeks of travelling, was nowhere near enough to explore the wonders of Queensland, but it has given the whole family a taste for the great life that the Queenslanders enjoy, even my wives gran mother who is Thai at the age of 80, got the bug for this part of paradise.

We love Sports!

Sport is so much part of the Australian and specifically Queensland way of life, from the legendary State of Origin Rugby league games, which I was glad to see Queensland win again, against the odds this year, to Triathlons, which happen almost every weekend through the winter.

I am so happy that we have decided to launch our grape based Sports gel in this area, as it is made in Australia and in my opinion made for the Queenslanders and those who visit to enjoy its wonders.

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