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it’s a grape!

Vindurance Energy Gels and Sports Foods are made from 100% Australian grown premium wine grapes. Wine grapes are perfect for sports foods and energy gels because they contain antioxidants, mineral and vitamins as well as being a low GI fruit (which helps you keep your insulin levels balanced).

Experienced winemaker Kathrin Puff applies the same love and care that goes into a premium bottle of wine to every Vindurance Kick Gel.

Further information regarding the use of wine grapes and associated benefits please click here.

What’s Inside?

Apart from wine grapes, Vindurance Energy Gels are supplemented with other natural fruits and minerals to maximise endurance and athletic performance. Learn more about each of the ingredients below.

  • Grape juice from Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have the highest levels of antioxidants contained within its pulp and skin. Apart from being loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Cabernet Sauvignon has a great taste and a distinct jam-like flavour. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of cabernet sauvignon grapes. Learn more about the nutritional qualities of Australian cabernet sauvignon grapes by clicking here.

  • Grape Juice from Chardonnay

    White wine grapes or chardonnay grapes are an almost equally rich source of antioxidants as red wine grapes. Flavonoids, tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol are more commonly found in white grapes. Chardonnay grapes have a bouquet mix of apples, peaches and apricots. Boom! Three in one, a total WINNER! Click here for the nutritional content of Australian chardonnay grapes.

  • Murray River Salt

    We use Murray River salt to give that extra sodium content to our gels. This wonderful salt is sourced from the same vineyards as our grapes. There is quite a buzz about Himalayan salt but you actually you don’t have to go very far to find tasty and mineral-rich salt. Himalayan salt is not that local and and most of it is mined. Luckily, there are alternatives closer to home. You can find out more about Murray River salt by clicking here.

  • Strawberry and Pomegranate Puree

    Choosing two power fruits like strawberries and pomegranates as an addition to our Kick Gel Red was an obvious choice. Not only do they add great fruit flavours but they’re rich in antioxidants and bursting with vitamins.

  • Apple Puree

    Remember the old adage, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’? In that spirit, apple puree is an awesome complement fruit to our Kick Gel White. Rich in flavonoids and vitamins, apples make for a great flavour combination. Want to know more about it, simply click here.

  • Lemon Juice

    When we talk about wine (professionally) we talk about the importance of the right balance between fruit flavours, acidity and body. It is the same with our gels. A little splash of lemon juice helps to make the gel a little more crisp and fresh. It also adds an extra kick of vitamin C. Double WIN! If you want to know more about the power of lemon, click here.

  • Maltodextrin, Agave Syrup, Fructose and Organic Brown Rice Malt Syrup

    It’s all in the sugar mix! Vindurance Kick Gels offer you a variety of sugars to fuel your energy safely. We have carefully selected and mixed our ingredients to give you the correct balance – ensuring you do not suffer a sugar rush and send your stomach into oblivion. Our mixture will ensure that you get the kick when you feel depleted and need it most.

Experienced winemaker Kathrin Puff applies the same love and care that goes into a premium bottle of wine to every Vindurance Kick Gel.

  • Preservatives

  • Nobody really like preservatives, so we only apply small quantities in our gels. Enough to give the product a full two year shelf life and still taste incredible without compromising natural integrity.